3645 N SR 211  Newport, WA 

Circle Moon Theatre
is located
3645 Highway 211, Newport, WA
General Information
Dinner Bell: 6:30 -  Show beginning :7:30
Dinner and Show $25 : Show Only $12
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Please see  "Order Dinner Show Reservations" below  or simply call us at(208) 448-1294

We've been thinking a lot about you lately – – our Patrons, our NPA volunteers and our greater community. It is no surprise that the COVID – 19 virus has temporarily closed the Circle Moon theater box office.

We cannot predict when we will get back to our normal lives but, when it is safe to do so, Northwoods will take to the stage again and provide the area's best entertainment. Hopefully, after all those TV and sports reruns, you'll be ready to! Of necessity, our 2020 performance season and dates must be changed, but we'll update you when we can.

If you would like to help us out during these trying times.

Please know that every penny of  your donation is used for the "Moon". No member of NPA  (or anyone else for that matter) receive compensation. We have no other debt or costs outside of the maintenance and taxes relating to the "Moon". Without being able to "sing for our dinner" we are having a much more difficult time than usual and could use all the help we can get.

If you would like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION simply click the "Tax Deductible Patron Donation" button below and you will be transported to our secure Paypal Account where you can supply the information needed and make your donation.

If you have any problems please give me a call at 208.448.1294... leave your message and a call back number. I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Northwoods is a community organization and you are the community. Please stay safe, stay healthy… And we look for you again when our barn doors are open for festive fun and family entertainment.