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Insulate the Moon

Brother, can you spare a dollar?

Northwoods Performing Arts has survived the last thirty years due to the crew of some VERY HARD WORKING PEOPLE who give freely of their time and money to help make The Circle Moon Theater  ("The Moon" as we call it) a haven for the performing arts. This hard work has paid off and our patrons are growing in numbers and we are rapidly approaching the ultimate goal of being "Debt Free".  Every Dollar gets us closer to that goal.   If you "Can Spare A Dollar" please click the "Donate with Paypal" button" at the bottom of this page and then "share" this page with others.  With you help we should be able to raise the funds and complete the project this winter. Thank you for your support!

Insulate the Moon
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Goal: $2000.00 Started: February 5, 2017
Ends: September 30, 2017
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THE TIME HAS COME!  After this last winter we realized that the Moon is in urgent need of insulation. This project will not only protect us from the winter cold and the summer heat, but will massively reduce our electrical bill.  We would greatly appreciate any contribution that you can make toward this cause. We also give you our sworn promise that any money donated to THIS cause will be spent on THIS cause.  We have made this a Number one priority and with your financial help we hope to complete the project before winter strikes again.

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