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Upcoming Events
 for March - June
General Information
Dinner Bell: 6:30 - ShowTime:7:30
Dinner and Show $25 : Show Only $12

March, April, May & June

6th Annual Northwoods' Unleashed!

A fast paced romp into the world of song and theater. Come join us as we kick off our 2015 season with the talented performers of Northwoods family. These singers are literally unleashed to sing and perform their love and their passions for you.  Whether it be a song, dance or theater what a great night of family entertainment. Enjoy a great meal supplied by our dedicated catorers or simply come and join in the fun. Bring the whole family!  You won't regret it.

Mar 27 - Broasted Chicken (Owens Catering)
Mar 28 - Herb Crusted Pork Loin  (Skeyes the Limit)

Broadway Through the Ages

What do you get when you put a gazillion intricate dance steps,  30+ songs, more crazy kids than you can count, two zany ladies, and a GIANT idea into a pot and stir? You get ONE AMAZING SHOW! Don’t miss our Mountain Harmony Show Choir in its sophomore season as our Northwoods’ youth present Broadway Through the Ages! Prepare to have your socks knocked off to the strains of popular Broadway melodies brought to you by some of the most talented kids you will ever meet.

April 10 - Smoked Pork Loin (Owens Catering)

April 11 - Burrito Dinner (Mi Pueblo)
April 17- BBQ Chicken (Cusick Tavern)
April 18 - Supreme Sirloin Loaf (Skeyes the Limit)

On the Air! Live from the Starlight

Through the static, crackling to life, memories thought long forgotten ~ Can you hear them? Big bands beating out irresistible rhythms. Velvet voices crooning as your sweetheart’s head falls on your shoulder.  Do you hear it coming in clearer? Toe-tapping melodies making your feet itch to dance. Stories putting you in stitches. Pull up a chair. Set your radio dial to NPA Radio. Put your feet up and step back in time for night filled with music and sound, harmonies and rhythm. We are On The Air! LIVE from the Starlight!

May 29 - Chicken Fried Steak (Owens Catering)
May 30 - Enchilada & Taco Dinner (Mi Pueblo)
Jun 5 - Pasta & Salad (Cusick Tavern Catering)
Jun 6 - Heb Roasted Chicken

                (River Catering by Darcie)
Jun 9 - Chicken Fried Steak (Owens Catering)
Jun 12 & 13 - Chicken Cattatorri (Skeyes the Limit)